What are Led strip lights?

LED lights are something we hear about a lot these days. But what actually are LED lights? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is an energy efficient lighting technology. It is believed to consume lesser electricity and has a longer life than other light sources. LED lights are different from other light sources as LED’s are the size of fleck of pepper. It produces white light by mixing red, green, and blue LED’s. The quality of LED bulb is far better than others in terms of durability, long lasting life and better quality of light.

How to choose Led Strip Lights?

A widely used LED product is LED Strip Lights. It is commonly used for decoration purpose and comes in a wide variety of colours. As these can be used for different purposes, so you can decide which LED strip light fits your need perfectly in accordance to the variety of shapes and sizes. For outdoor purposes LED strip lights could be used as you can stick it around your garage door and entrance door. It could also be used for kitchen under cabinet lighting for lighting countertops. The hexagonal shape lights can also be used for this purpose for decorating cabinets with different lights. You can also use LED Strip Lights for holiday decorations like around a tree or on the fence. And as it is thin and provides different bright colours you can stick it anywhere. The various options of LED strip lights are single coloured, multicolour LED Strip Lights, wi-fi operated LED strip lights and hexagon shaped LED lights.

How to Install Led Strip Lights?

The installation of LED Strip Lights is very easy you wouldn’t need a professional for the installation. It is sticky from one side so its easy to put on. To install it first you connect the plug of the transformer to the wall socket. Then connect the other part to the strip light’s inlet. Later on you can stick the strip wherever you want as it is super sticky. Further connect the strip to an extension or directly to the controller. Make sure you stick the Strip at he right place because once in place it will be difficult to pull it off. LED Strip Lights have various advantages some of them are as follow;

  • They are tested for electronic safety and possess no risk.
  • The light is very bright because of the super bright chips used in the strips.
  • The LED strip light emits very little heat which is not even felt by touching it.
  • The LED strip lights emit light in one direction and do not scatter much hence making it brighter.
  • It is long lasting and could be used for several holiday seasons
  • It is very easy to install and could be done without any professional help
  • It is resistant to breakage because its not made of glass
  • It has a variety of colors making it look beautiful when turned on
  • It is budget friendly as it does not cost much as well as saves electricity